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Icemen Hockey Commitment Policy 2013

ICEMEN - Team Rules/Policies

Team Rule: Do everything in a manner, whenever or wherever, that is beneficial for this hockey team, the school & yourself. Violations of the team rule or policies will be handled on a case-by-case basis and consequences will be determined by the coaching staff.

Conduct: Being a member of the Icemen hockey team is a privilege. Keep in mind that inappropriate behavior not only gives you a bad image, but also makes the entire program suffer. Our conduct expectations apply in and out of school. We will not allow an individual’s behavior to negatively affect our team.

On Ice Behavior:

Respect all on-ice officials. Nobody needs to talk to referees - except coaches and captains.

Respect the coaching staff. We will do what is best for the TEAM - not just one individual.

Respect your opponent. Let your play do the talking, not your mouth.

Respect your teammates. We are all in this together. Be a positive influence on each other.

Respect your parents and your fans. They come to watch you give your best. Don’t let them down.

NO JEWELRY. It is against WIAA rules to wear jewelry at practices or during games. Make sure it is off when you come to the rink.

Off Ice Behavior:

As a member of the Icemen hockey team you represent

All the schools involved. You are often times held to a higher standard than other students. ACT APPROPRIATELY.

Remember that you are a role model. Younger student-athletes look to you as role models and want to be just like you. Set a positive example.

“It takes less time to do things right than to explain why you did it wrong.”

Absences: In order for our program to be successful, it will take a full commitment by each and every team member. We cannot afford to have athletes missing team functions. We do understand that situations arise and you may need to miss a practice or game. It is your responsibility to let the coaching staff know if you’re not going be at a team function.


Phil: 612-290-5773

Chris: 715-520-7661

Clayton: 715-764-2727

Matt: 715-308-0736

Tina: 715-704 0406


Team Locker Room Rules and Policies:

This locker room is yours to use. Take care of it.

ABSOLUTELY NO SPITTING on the floor. Spit in the garbage.

All sticks on the stick rack at all times.

No garbage left on floor or in stalls. Clean up after yourself.

Make sure your stall is organized every day you leave.


“What you see here, what you say here, what you hear here, Let it stay here, when you leave here.”


Requirements for earning a Varsity letter:



Grades - each student athlete will be required to carry a 2.0 grade point average or higher during the hockey season.

Community Service - each student athlete will be required to complete 10 hours of community service during the hockey season. (examples)

Practices - each player will attend all team function unless prior notice is given to coaches.

Northwest Icemen Player Responsibilities

Team Bus Responsibilities

Know departure time and be on time!

Check to make sure all gear is on bus!

Keep the bus clean! It is YOUR job to throw out your garbage.

Maintain reasonable behavior on bus

Help carry equipment from bus and back on bus at playing site.

Provide a note or have your parent contact one of the coaches, if you’re not riding bus home.

Team Practice & Game Expectations:

Be on time!

Contact our coaching staff if you are sick or will miss a practice or game.

EVERYONE must help carry equipment to the buses or locker rooms.

“Hustle, High Energy and a Positive Attitude” at all times.

Help other team members as a “player coach”.

Pick up locker room, buses at end of practice. Everyone helps - this is not a freshman responsibility!

One earns the right to wear our Jersey. Never allow that garment, your TEAM armor, to disrespectfully be wrinkled up in your hockey bag or left lying on the locker room floor. Be proud to put on jersey, to put on your game face, to compete for your teammate and yourself.

Each player is expected to bring his blood, sweat, tears and composure to every competition.

Icemen Hockey Commitment Policy


As a hockey player for the Icemen, I understand that I have high expectations to live up to. I know that teachers and community members recognize me and expect me to behave in a respectful, courteous, and mature manner. I will go out of my way to behave this way regardless of the situation. I know I am held to a higher standard because of my status as a hockey player and although this may not always be fair, I still vow to be the best student-athlete and person that I can be. I will strive for perfection in my class work and attendance, just as I strive for perfection on the ice. I will be a positive influence in the classroom. I will turn my work in on time, complete, and to the best of my ability.

I understand that those younger than me, often model my behavior on and off of the ice. I accept the responsibility of being a role model to anyone who wishes to follow my lead. I will present myself in a manner consistent with the best of leaders in the wear of my uniform, my hustle, and my attitude. Never will I allow negative thoughts to turn into actions. I will maintain my composure in all situations and strive to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

I will do my best to represent the Icemen like a champion, not only for my teammates, and myself but also for the many hockey players before me who wore this same uniform. I will work hard to keep the Icemen hockey “family” one to follow and be proud of.

I also understand that I have a responsibility to myself as an individual. I will work hard to improve myself, accept criticism, and fight the urge to do just enough to get by. I know that it is a part of human nature to do what is easiest, and each day I will challenge myself to not take the easy way out. I understand that I am not perfect, we as a team are not perfect, but perfection is what we strive for. I will not let my mistakes bring me down. I will instead learn from my mistakes, and do everything in my power to not make the same mistake again.

Last, and most important, I will be sure to be there for all of my teammates during the good times, during the bad times, on the ice, and off of the ice. I will be supportive of those playing ahead of me, and will not allow concerns about myself to surpass my concern for the team. I will show my teammates that I have committed myself to the team for the entire season. My work ethic and positive attitude will not falter regardless of wins and loses, or whether I play one shift or every other shift in a game. I will be sure to follow all team rules and policies and refrain from using alcohol or drugs, as I know it would undermine my teammates who are choosing to abide by the rules. I know that we, together, can accomplish more than any one individual, and that maintaining this belief gives us our best possible chance to achieve our goals.

By signing this policy, I hereby commit myself to the Icemen hockey team of 2013-14 including my respective school athletic code, and the Icemen team rules/policies. Failure to follow the previously mentioned items will result in consequences determined by respective administrations, coaching staff, and in some cases, my teammates. I will accept any consequences deemed necessary by the team without anger or vengeance. I completely understand the ramifications of signing this policy and do so under my own free will and power.


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